Knitting Tiffany

October 5th-6 hours(9:00-noon/1:00-4:00)

Classroom Location: SOMOS Rm. A, 108 Civic Plaza Drive, Taos, NM 87571

A day of creative knitting inspired by the luminous color and stunning designs of Tiffany glass lampshades. A slideshow featuring a brief history of the Tiffany Girls and their process of designing from nature translated into glass will set the stage. Details of magnificent handmade glass patterning will be featured with a discussion of how to transform various examples into fiber. Handspun yarns inspired by glass will be on display as will handpainted yarns that exhibit glassy qualities along with examples of how each can add different glasslike effects to knitting. We will work on a small pieced sample which will incorporate Jazzknitted and other shapes which we will learn how to make in class. We will work from detail pictures of floral lampshades to inspire knitted petals and leaves. There will be a discussion of Jazzknitting, where colors on a strand of handpainted yarn are pooled intentionally while making these shapes to give the effect of shading. We will be combining our shapes into the beginning of a fabric and will be adding “leading” for definition. Your sample can be added to later to create as large a piece as desired. A base shade shawlette pattern will be provided which can be embellished in many ways, including using the piecing you will be doing in class.

Skill Level:Intermediate

Students should be able to

Instructor Ilisha Helfman

$20 materials fee, includes: A small selection of yarns that will work for Jazzknitting and others that will add glassiness will be provided which you can add into your palette, and leading threads will be provided too. There will also be a 19 page handout that includes several variations on a base shade shawlette pattern on which to layer your unique designs as well as lots of ideas and photos you'll be able to take home with you for easy reference and continued inspiration.

Students need to bring: A thin tapestry needle and a range of small sized knitting needles (0-3) and a mix of yarns that remind you of flowers on a sunny day. The best yarns for this are those that change color along the strand. A few browns and sky colors can slip into the background and even if we don’t get far you will start to build a palette that can grow into a little knitted tapestry, if not a wearable shawlette. Yarn weights can vary with this piecing technique so lace, sock and DK can all be used to add glassy texture.

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