Free Style Tapestry Weaving

October 5th-6 hours(9:00-noon/1:00-4:00)

ClassroomLocation:El Monte Sagrado Art Studio, 317 Kit Carson Rd., Taos, NM 87571

The materials fee for this class has been updated.

In this workshop students will engage in the multifaceted art form that is tapestry weaving. Contemporary free style/form tapestry weaving is to "weave from the HEART" not from a plan or design but letting your fibers speak to you in the progress of weaving. Creating textures with variety of fibers to showcase the diversity of weaving techniques to produce raised textile surfaces as part of the woven design on a frame tapestry loom. Through simple geometry and pattern planning with the following weaving techniques such as plain weave, soumak, rya knots, loops, and more to produce a unique woven wall hanging for their home.

Skill Level:Easy

Students should bring a sense of adventure into their weaving adventures.

Instructor Judith Harney

$70 materials fee, includes: Ashford Frame Loom, warp thread, yarn/fibers , set of 3 Tapestry needles, dowel, bag to store everything

Students need to bring: Scissors

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